Virtual Machine Solutions LLC

Runescape IP Security & Policy

Why we’re safe for RS:

We have a system of 500+ different subnets and over 1000 IP addresses. What this means: your IP will look more random and natural to Jagex, and everyone has their own IP. That’s 1000’s of different combinations. All other hosts will assign you to a crowded server with an entire subnet being filled with customers, so your IPs will look like,,, and so on, all the way up to! This provides a predictable pattern for Jagex, but an unpredictable amount of resources to you since it’s usually shared completely between everyone.

Our IP Change Policy:

We want you to keep and enjoy your plan. That’s why:

  • All of our proxy packages are covered: one free IP switch billing term, if you get blacklisted (low chance)
  • Past the free IP switch, we still allow you to switch IP addresses for an additional fee

Other measurements to keep you safe:

  • We toss out any IPs that get blacklisted. So report it to us, and we’ll take it out the system
  • We try our best to assign you a new IP on our system and we’ll change it for free if you do get assigned a bad IP
  • For our botting plans, we rotate through subnets: if a subnet is blacklisted, we move everyone over for free

Our guarantee:

You’ll never be left with an unusable product. If you get blacklisted and can no longer play RS on any of our plans, we will first assign one free per billing term, and if you still get blacklisted again after that, we’ll first make sure that our subnets are not blacklisted, or that you were not re-assigned an IP. If those are the cases, it’ll be replaced again. If not, and you’re just unlucky and get blacklisted twice in a billing term, you can still renew into the next billing term for another free IP change at any time, or just pay a fee (one-time)

Remember though:

All of this does not make you invincible against bans. You should still practice caution, and should always clear your cache between IP changes. Most of the time, to make sure everything’s cleaned up, we usually just delete and re-create your server with a new IP, but we’ll notify you first.